Welcome to my sweet mess

Welcome to my sweet mess (otherwise known as my life)! I guess now is as good a time as any to introduce myself and this project, because I am crazy excited about it. You see, I’ve been wanting to start this website/blog for a few years and well I didn’t.   I could never find the time to commit to all that I wanted this site to be; and to be honest, I’m still not sure I can, but I’ve decided that now is the time.

The fun part –  what you can look forward to…

Well, basically my sweet mess is my creative mind unraveled for you to rummage through. I really don’t know a better way to describe it, so there it is.  I have a crazy curiously creative mind that never really shuts off, and you’re going to get to be a part of that – you’re welcome!

I am crazy passionate about all things food – grocery shopping (weird I know), creating recipes, cooking, eating, and feeding other people; so you will see a lot of recipes on here and hopefully sooner than later a cookbook (and yes, for those of you that know me well I’ve been saying this for years – well I’m finally ready).

I am a wanderlust soul at heart – I love traveling, from little road trips in camping country to months away in a strange place, I have and will continue to do it all.  My most recent trips include: Phoenix, Narita and the Philippines, so stay tuned for the accompanying blog posts and travel trips.

I’ll offer you my two cents on style for yourself and your home.  It’s not that I’m crazy into fashion, (I think I’m too cheap to be) but I’m a good shopper and can put together an outfit for almost any occasion on a decent budget; and I happen to think that’s a skill. Also, it’s not that I’m totally unwilling to spend money on clothes, (find me a great pair of black boots, a little black dress or a timeless coat and I’ll throw down) it’s just the I’d rather spend it on experiences.  My home is where I’ll cave a little…I’ve had a lifetime of apartments that I didn’t care about, I never painted, I didn’t even bother really to decorate, because they weren’t mind and I could never really find my style.  Finally, I’m in a place I love – it’s still not my own ( I still rent), but it feels like my own – well mine and my boyfriends.

On a lesser scale I will offer you my insights on life and love, for what it’s worth.  I’m a pretty self-aware person and have mostly figured out the things that make me – me. I say mostly because I’m not sure we ever truly figure it all out; but I think we find our place in the world and that’s pretty awesome.

Last but not least, I love learning. Like, I LOVE LOVE LOVE learning. Seriously, I’m surprised my brain hasn’t run out of room I try to stuff so much in there. I also have an entrepreneurial mind and a hard-to-put into words business intuition – like it’s intrinsic to who i am as a person as is my coaching mentality; so you’ll probably see a thing or two about learning, education and growth.

So, now that you know a little bit about me and what I want to do here, we can get started.  I will endeavour to post once a week right now, I don’t want to over promise and get you excited about content that I can’t keep up with – so I think once of week is fair.  I want to hear all your feedback, so please comment on my posts and reach out to me anytime; I look forward to it.

Bye for now,

Kristen xo


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