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Last week I was lucky enough to get to stop by Sucre Cafe in Calgary with my girlfriend Lauren.  I’m not a big pastry/dessert person so I don’t usually get drawn in to these little cafes.  But it was a nice treat for me to get a fancy coffee as I mostly drink boring old coffee/tea at home.

Lauren ordered a London fog with almond milk, which sounded too good to pass up so I did the same.  I actually love London fogs, but not being a big sweet person – at every single place I go Starbucks, Good Earth (I rarely go there, because it straight up sucks),  Purple Perk, etc… I have to get it half sweet otherwise it’s like hot sugar water to me.

I asked the barista here if I could have it half sweet as well, and he kindly let me know that they use real vanilla bean,so it’s not nearly as sweet as one might expect, just more vanilla flavour.  I took his word of it and WOW, he was right and it was delicious.  It is by far the best almond milk London fog I have EVER had, truly.  I will definitely without a doubt go back for another one or two…maybe three.

Then I happen to be having a little date night with another friend that evening and she loves dessert – so I decided to pick up a few macarons while I was there.  They’re so pretty and I always want to eat them, but I just don’t like dessert.  I picked 5 different ones (they have boxes of 5 and 12 to take with you) strawberry rose, lavender blackberry, lemon, cappuccino and salted caramel. The overwhelming favourite was salted caramel – it was to die for, the perfect mix of sweet and salty.  Yes I ate half of it.  Actually I ate half of each of them, because I wanted to give them a try.   Second for me was lemon – but obviously that’s because I’m more of a tart person than a sweet person.  The strawberry rose and lavender blackberry were pretty tasty – the lavender one was a little heavy on the lavender, and the blackberry definitely got lost in that. But, if you are partial to that floral flavour then definitely give the strawberry rose a try.  The cappuccino one was unexpected and enjoyable, it tasted a bit like a more bitter coffee crisp.


On top of that the room itself is super cute,  very white with simple accents and tons of natural light.  Kind of modern European, reminded me of Paris.  I am not sure if they have WiFi or not, but – if they do I’m so going there to work for a few hours, where I will consume at least two almond milk London fogs.

I definitely recommend checking this place out.

Kristen xo

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