Review of my veggie spiralizer

I have been eating veggie noodles for quite some time now.  Not for any particular reason,  I wasn’t trying to cut out carbs, or sugar, or any of those things.  I’ve honestly just never really been a big pasta person to begin with. I’ve also never really been a fan of cooked vegetables – just ask my mom!  So, eating veggie noodles was a way to get more vegetables in my diet and explore a little more in the kitchen.

I have just ben using a knife to cut my ‘noodles’ which works just fine.  But, I have been known to do things the hard way.  I stopped in at Superstore and saw a couple different veggie spiralizers.   I decided to go with the hand-held PC brand one.  I have tried to find it online so I can give you the link, but it doesn’t seem to exist anywhere?!?  I did get it on sale and perhaps it was discontinued.  There are so many to choose from, many that come with several different attachments to make very specific noodle sizes/types, i.e.) angel hair, fettuccine, etc.




I’m pretty happy with this one especially for the whopping $9.94 that I paid for it.  My only complaint would be the amount of waste from your vegetable, that you then need to find a use for.


If I had more storage in my kitchen I would consider getting one that was a little more involved, but for now the tiny hand-held one works just fine; and even better for us because we can stuff it in the drawer after.

Kristen xo








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