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Gardening – A story (PART ONE)

It’s that time of year again, the sun is shining, the snow has melted, trees and flowers are blooming…oh wait, unless you live in Calgary, then none of this true.  The sun came out once or twice I think, between rain, snow and hail.

Nonetheless, it’s almost time for gardening season and if you’re like me then you’re super excited!!!

It’s kind of weird, my mom has an amazing green thumb – like I swear she could plant ANYTHING and it would grow and blossom and bloom into a beautiful version of itself.  Up until about three years ago, I had never even thought of having a garden.  I don’t think I even had a house plant until a few years ago and it definitely died.  I love plants and flowers (well not all, but some), I think they’re beautiful – I’ve just never really had the  desire to be responsible for them.

Then a few years ago, I realized I had this HUGE balcony with tons of sunshine and  I was up on the 5th floor so I didn’t have to worry about squirrels, and other little critters –  it was kind of the perfect spot for a little garden.

That year, I planted a million different things – like too many things, I went way overboard, but everything worked!!! I didn’t have to buy produce for almost 6 months.  Seriously my little patio garden fed myself and my boyfriend well into the fall, it was pretty awesome.  Then of course, I assumed I had inherited my mothers amazing green thumb.


Fast forward to a couple of years later living in a house, completely surrounded in plant killers – squirrels, birds, neighbour’s cats, so many different kind of bugs I’ve lost count, and so on.  Gardening has become much more difficult.

But, I haven’t changed my mind about it.  I believe in gardening for a few different reasons:

  1. I think it’s a valuable skill to have, to be self-sufficient and cultivate your own food to feed yourself.
  2. Creating enough food to feed two people from a little patio garden is truly an amazing and rewarding feeling, and it will seriously lower your grocery bill.
  3. There’s something beautifully stress relieving about sitting in the sunshine and watching things grow (even though all those things that kill my plants cause a different kind of stress).  It teaches you patience, tolerance and connects you to nature; plus you get your daily dose of Vitamin D too.  It’s also scientifically proven to be therapeutic to those with anxiety and depression.

But seriously  I have come to LOVE gardening, no matter how difficult it is. There’s something incredibly satisfying about it.

So here we are, a new year, a new gardening season…wondering where the hell to start?

I got you girl.

Check back later this week to see the first post in a little series on gardening 101.


Kristen xo





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