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Pineapple, coconut & mint popsicles

Summer time is for sunshine and frozen treats.


At least that’s one of the things I remember from when I was a kid. It seemed when school ended my parents were a little more lenient when it came to treats.  Freezies, popsicles and ice cream became stables in our summer diet.

Don’t worry, we counteracted that with lots of fresh foods – we never had air conditioning and summers in Winnipeg were always really hot, like too hot to cook. So salads for dinner it was, often.

But back to the fun part – freezies, popsicles and ice cream.

So I love freezies, and popsicles, like the super tart, fruity ones. Ice cream I could go either way with, although a good dose of Neapolitan every once in a while is a must. But, the thing with freezies and popsicles is that most of the commercial ones are made with terrible for you food dyes, corn syrup and other shitty chemicals. So, not really something I want to be putting in my body these days; because well, I know better.

Now, there are some great local companies all over Canada and the US that make amazing popsicles and the like, and Calgary is no different. We have an abundance of great companies making great stuff and sometimes I definitely treat myself – but I can’t afford to spend $4-5 on a popsicle and $8 on an ice cream, I just can’t. Once in a while, sure but on the regular – nope.

So that is where I started getting creative, and making things at home. That is also where I also realized how simple it is to make some seriously great tasting popsicles (and ice cream) in a matter of minutes (minus the freezing time).

So here’s my first recipe for you, and it’s a good one.

YIELD – a dozen popsicles (depends on the size of the mold)


  • 11/2 cups of greek coconut yogurt (I used Liberte brand)
  • 21/2 cups of fresh pineapple
  • ¼ cup roughly chopped mint




You can use frozen pineapple, you may just need to add a little agave or honey to sweeten as frozen pineapple tends to have less flavour.

You can also use canned pineapple, but it tends to be sweeter, so I would add some fresh lime juice in there to counteract the sugary flavour.


So this recipe is super quick and once you make it – you will be sure to make it again. I promise you.

  1.  Blend the pineapple and mint together in a blender or magic bullet.
  2. Alternate the yogurt and pineapple mix into the mold until you get to the top. Put the lids (sticks) on, and put in the freezer for 1 hour or until frozen.


Enjoy these sweet treats. With no added sugars, these are a great snack for you and your family alike. And on those mornings when you just don’t feel like making breakfast, these will do in a pinch, and your kids will think you’re a rock star – and that’s always a bonus!






Till the next recipe,


Kristen Kaethler xo

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