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I thought I would have finished this post before I had little Luna, but alas – I’m just getting to it now.

So I’ve been told I had an easy pregnancy and for the most part I think that’s true; at least in terms of the physical portion.  I was lucky and didn’t have any morning sickness at all; I was a little nauseous now and again but a box of premium plus crackers by my bedside took care of that issue.

We found out we were pregnant very early at 4 weeks, which was awesome – because of course I could make sure I was taking the best care of myself sooner than later.  But selfishly I was a little jealous of all the moms who didn’t find out until 7 or 8 weeks. You take for granted that your body is yours and yours alone…having a couple more weeks with my body to myself would have been nice, but of course our little peanut was much more important than that.

It was tough to keep this pregnancy a secret for as long as they say to, because it was summertime and anyone that knows me, knows that I love a good bottle of wine on a patio pretty much anytime and all the time; so not having a drink was a pretty tell-tale sign.  And so we ignored the unwritten 12 week rule and started to tell friends and family at around 6 weeks.


Life was different this summer, without all those lazy days we would normally spend drinking beers by the river.  I thought the no booze thing would be tough for an ex-bartender of 20 years, but to be honest – I didn’t even really notice.  Every once in a while I would crave something and lucky for me there are lots of non-alcoholic fixes.  A virgin caesar always hit the spot for me – because you can never taste the alcohol anyways.  And if I was craving a beer, there are lots of options – although most of them suck.  I tried pretty much everything there was: Budweiser Prohibition (hands down the WORST non-alcoholic beer EVER.  It taste like slightly sour sugar water – ugh), there’s Odouls – it’s ok in a pinch, and Erdinger – is like a shitty wheat ale.  For me the best non-alcoholic beer was BECKS.  It is the only one that actually taste anything like beer.  But if you’re desperate – mix with a little OJ and any of them are tolerable.


So back to the easy pregnancy thing…I feel grateful for sure that we had a relatively good pregnancy – I can’t imagine feeling sick all the time, or being crazy emotional.  That didn’t happen – in fact, my pregnancy was probably the most relaxed nine months of my life. I didn’t have any real food issues or cravings, my moods were pretty even steven for the whole pregnancy (you can even ask Clint), and I slept relatively well up until 4 days before I gave birth.   But having a great pregnancy, made me a little nervous that I was going to get my ass kicked during labor (and I did, but that’s a whole other story).   Nonetheless,  I will say that NO pregnancy is easy; beautiful, scary and incredible yes, but easy – no.   There’s a lot of little unexpected surprises to deal with in a pregnancy that aren’t shared with friends and family.  Even the easiest of pregnancies is challenging,  you are growing a human after all.

There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t wonder if everything was going ok; was I eating enough, did I have too much caffeine, is she growing properly, was I stressing her out, is she healthy, and so on.  You literally spend nine months second guessing yourself and crossing your fingers that everything is ok.  Mom guilt kicks in the day you find out your pregnant – at least it did for me.  It was a huge learning process (and still is), to trust myself and my instincts and know that I was doing what was best for our baby.

On top of the regular emotional stuff, we also had a few life obstacles that popped up along the way that made things just a little stressful for us.  First was Clint having shoulder surgery – although it was a really good thing, (it meant he would finally not be in pain all the time and would be mostly recovered before the baby came which was the goal) it still came with its challenges.  Especially when we found out that the house we rented was being sold and we needed to move – definitely not what we wanted to hear as we prepared for a new baby to arrive.  So, feeling the pressure of having a stable place to live we bought a house and took possession 9 days after Clint’s surgery. This ended up being the very best decision, but at the time it was a little unnerving.  Lucky for us we had a number of friends pitch in and get us packed moved and cleaned! Did I mention during this time I also started a new job? Needless to say there was a lot of change in our lives in a very short period of time.

Outside of all of that (and my boobs) – I LOVED being pregnant.  Watching Luna grow inside of me everyday was incredibly amazing and strange. Feeling her kick for the first time was the coolest thing I’ve ever felt, and it never got old.  She was a little gymnast in there always kicking the right side and sticking her little bum in the air.   There are so many wonderful and sometimes scary moments during pregnancy.  They were awesome and each one brought a closeness and intimacy to Clint and I’s relationship; he was already such an amazing Dad and partner and Luna hadn’t even been born yet.

The boobs thing though, ugh.  For anyone wishing they had bigger boobs – I can tell you from personal experience, don’t, it SUCKS.  They stuck together when I slept on my side (which is basically the only way you can sleep), they were heavy and made my back sore all the time, and as I got bigger, they touched my belly which is such a weird and uncomfortable feeling.  It was sooooo not ok.  Also, finding clothes that fit my boobs was frickin impossible – especially clothes I could wear to work.  This was for sure the worst part of my pregnancy (and still is post-partum).

Speaking of clothes – maternity clothes were my biggest pet peeve through my pregnancy.  They are mostly ugly, CRAZY overpriced (because they know you need them), ill-fitting and so many stores have removed their in-store maternity sections and started  selling maternity clothes only online.  I found this so frustrating, my body was so different and constantly changing, like the last thing I’m going to do is buy clothes online that I couldn’t try on.




I could probably continue talking about my pregnancy for ever, makes sense after all – it was one of the most important times of our lives. But instead I’ll just finish off by giving you the practical things I figured out along the way that I feel were important. Here is my top 10 in no particular order.

  1. Research your caregiver options thoroughly. We chose to go with a midwife and it was the best decision for us. But it is a very individual choice.  The main thing is knowing there is a choice.
  2. There are very few books out there that are worth your time – and ones like What To Expect When You’re Expecting are definitely not.  They are STUPID.  As is GOOGLE.  Google is the devil when you’re pregnant.  Trust your caregiver, trust close friends and family that have experienced it (it doesn’t mean you have to agree with them – but they have real life experience to draw from) and trust your gut, you are a parent the minute you get pregnant.
  3. A good prenatal class is totally worth it.   If nothing else, you will meet other couples that are at a similar place in life.  For us this was really great as most of our friends (the ones in town anyways) are at very different place in life.  The differences can leave you feeling a bit of a social void and a little alone in your journey.  Almost as soon as we were pregnant the invites out started to dwindle and it doesn’t change back when you have the baby.    Having other people in your life that have kids can be a huge source of support.  The class we chose was Healthy Birth Choices, which was recommended by our Midwife and we loved it!  We met some amazing couples.
  4. Always have snacks on hand EVERYWHERE, in your desk, in your purse, in your car, you get the drift.
  5. Coconut Oil is the bomb!  Put it all over your boobs and belly everyday.  I swore by it, and luckily made it through my pregnancy without stretch marks.
  6. Stay active – even when you’re tired, even if it’s just going for a walk, being out in the garden, doing a short 7 minute workout, whatever.  You will feel much better than if you let yourself become a couch potato (which is so easy, especially when you get bigger in the last couple months.
  7. Take as many pictures of your bump as possible – and definitely at least one every month.  This time is fleeting and before you know it your sweet baby belly will be gone and you will be missing it.
  8. Spend as much time together as a couple as possible.  We all take this time for granted as we go about our daily lives, but it is so important.  When your little one arrives, as much as you love them – you will miss the time you used to have together as two.
  9. Try as hard as possible to find second-hand maternity clothes.  They are so expensive to buy new and when you’re only using them for a few months, it’s hard to justify the cost.  So to other mamas out there, if you can pass your maternity clothes to another mama – it’s a huge help.  And also on the topic of clothes, I assumed initially that the bigger and looser the better.  Well I was very wrong.  I know it sounds counterintuitive but for me, wearing tight-fitting clothing felt better.  And there was a part of me that loved showing off my beautiful baby belly.
  10. Make sure you’re talking to your partner all the time.  Pregnancy is a crazy, amazing, wild ride for both of you.  Talking to one another about it can ease fears, and answer questions and allows you the opportunity to go through it together.  It’s hard.




Every pregnancy is different, this was our experience and we are so grateful for it; it was AMAZING.  It was a moment in time that we will cherish forever.  Even more so now as it brought a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

I can’t tell you what you’ll feel during your own pregnancy journey, but hopefully my little tips will help you even if just a really small way.

I have thought about whether or not I would write about our delivery experience and I still don’t know – but I’m leaning towards probably not.  It was a very intense, challenging and beautiful personal experience; and maybe it’s best t be kept that way.  We’ll see…

I will write a few more posts though, some of the things I was thinking of sharing are our experience in the first month as new parents, the things that I found were essential for recovery, as well as the things we found worthwhile buying for baby and the things that we found were a waste of money.







If there’s anything else you want to hear about, please comment below or send me an email, or DM over Instagram.

Thanks for sharing in our experience.

Till next time,

Kristen xo


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