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I have been wanting to do style posts for a very long time – but I have a couple of obstacles. One, I am my own photographer right now, so while that works amazing for food and a few other things – it does not work great to photograph myself in clothing.  Especially bathing suits; because let’s be honest, hanging out in your bathing suit taking posed photos of yourself with your camera on a tripod in the middle of the road is just weird.

Two, having a 3-month old makes shopping and curating items for my style posts extra challenging, and not necessarily all that fun.

So, I decided until I can get someone else to do the photography for now I will simply post items I love, I dream about getting and either already have or want and plan on getting.

Is it just me or have bathing suits and bikinis come a long way?  There are so many super duper cute styles, I could get a different one for every single day of summer.  That being said, I just had a baby a little while ago so me and bathing suits are kinda friends off at the moment.  Not because I care about what my postpartum body looks like, I really don’t (I’m pretty proud of what my body accomplished).  It’s because there isn’t a single company in the world (that I have found) that makes bathing suits or bikinis that fit postpartum boobs!

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean I can soon over what’s out there right now – and then you guys can buy them and I can swoon over you. All the ones I’ve posted here are from Cupshe. I love that they have so many styles to choose from. Their sizing is not always great – but if you look at the reviews that other people post, you can usually figure out what size you’ll need. Plus so many of them are on sale right now, so get ’em cheap while you can!

So without further ado, here are a few of my faves:

First up are the one-piece styles, because I’m kind of digging them more than bikinis these days…

I’m all about the ruffles – they are so pretty. I think they’re a great way (if done right) to add a little femininity to your style.

I think Cupshe has nailed the colors for their ruffled styles. How cute are they? The first three are definitely my top picks, but I do love the black and white polka dots too. It’s hard to choose.

And if you’re like me you’re probably loving all the sweet little prints floating around these days; and these bathing suits don’t disappoint.

The printed ones are to die for. My top 3 are for sure the pink ones. But they’re all super cute.

Last but not least in the one-piece category are solid-colored, simple styles.

I prefer prints and ruffles over the solid ones, but I wanted to make sure there was something for everyone – so if I have to choose, the two black ones are lovely and the burgundy one with the fringe. My favourite color though is the slate, stoney grey blue color. And my favourite style is probably the navy blue one because it has the ruching in the tummy area which is great postpartum.

Even though I’m more into one-pieces these days than two – there are a few bikinis that I found that I really like. I put them all together as there aren’t as many. But there are still some really cute styles with ruffles, floral patterns and more.

My favourite bikinis – that’s easy, hands down the blush coloured one and the three printed ones. They’re seriously the cutest.

Like I said, one for every day.

You can bet your butt that when these milk jugs get smaller I’ll be all over these lovely suits!

But in the meantime, I’ll just be window shopping the Internet. Hope you like my picks.

Happy shopping!

Till the next post,

Kristen xo


My recommendations are based on my own personal opinions of the products. But please note that My Sweet Mess does use affiliate and referral links, which allow me to receive a small commission when you make a purchase through one of my links.

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