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Tropical turmeric lemonade smoothie

Here I thought we were going to have an extra long summer because it took so long to arrive and our winter was sooooo long. Then, today I wake up to 10C and raining, sigh.  I looked at the forecast and it’s still supposed to be nice for a bit, but it is definitely cooling down.

I am NOT ready for winter.

Not to worry though, with the grey skies and the cold smokey air, I figured today would be the perfect day to drop my tropical turmeric lemonade smoothie recipe.  This smoothie is freakin delicious, and also happens to be vegan too.  Packed full of yummy fruit, coconut milk and turmeric, this smoothie is not only delicious but good for you too. Turmeric is a superfood with many benefits, just one of which is being a natural anti-inflammatory.

So, you can bring those summer vibes back, and fill your body with good for you food at the same time.


YIELD – 2 to 4 servings


  • 3/4 cup fresh pineapple
  • 3/4 cup  fresh mango
  • 3/4 cup  fresh peaches
  • 11/2 cup coconut milk*
  • 1 cup ice
  • juice from half of a fresh lemon
  • 4 lemon slices (the other half of the lemon)
  • 6-8 mint leaves
  • 1-2 tsp turmeric paste (or 1-2 tsp fresh grated turmeric root or about 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder), I use Derlea brand turmeric paste or fresh turmeric root.

Optional Garnish

  • Slice of peach, pineapple, mango or lemon
  • Mint leaves
  • Turmeric powder


  1. Cut the fruit into smaller chunks and add to blender, then add lemon slices, mint leaves and turmeric.  Finally add the ice, and the lemon juice and coconut milk.
  2. Blend on high until smooth.  Poor out into a glass(es), garnish if you want and serve.

*Special Note: I use drinking coconut milk, if you want to use the thicker coconut milk generally used for cooking), use 1 cup of coconut milk and 1/2 cup water.  If you want to use frozen fruit – you can definitely do that, just remove the ice and add another 1/2 cup of water in its place.









I find the fruit to be sweet enough on its own, but if you find that it’s not feel free to add a little maple syrup, honey or a couple dates.

And for the turmeric, I put 2 tsp because I like to be able to taste it.  If you want the boost but you don’t really want to taste it, just put 1/2 to 1 tsp of it instead.  And if you’re using the powder, just remember that it is stronger and a bit more bitter than the root itself or the puree.

I hope you enjoy this tropical ray of sunshine on this otherwise cloudy day.

Till the next recipe,


Kristen xo


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