Entrance to Thermea
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An afternoon at Thermëa

Ok friends, I’m finally starting to get my life organized again after my computer fiasco; isn’t technology the worst, I mean best, I mean…it really depends on the day.

Anyways, I’ve almost made my peace with the week of my life that got lost trying to fix everything and now that I have access to my photos again, I want to tell you about Thermëa in Winnipeg.

First I’ll just say if you haven’t gone – you NEED to go.  I know if you don’t live in  Winnipeg it isn’t a destination for many people, unless you’re like me and that’s where you’re from.  But if you do live there, if you have friends or family that you plan on visiting there, if you have a stopover or a business trip – I’m telling you, spend an extra day and go to Thermëa and get pampered; like seriously pampered.

We went a few weeks ago, right at the end of the crazy smokey heat wave that was happening all across Canada and it was perfect timing.  But as a side bar, there is NO bad timing; Thermëa is 100% a four season experience. Because there are so many different ways to treat, relax and nourish yourself and your body it doesn’t matter if it’s hot and sunny, or cool and cloudy, or snowy for that matter!  And right now, you have the beautiful warmth of the fires (and smores….did I mention smores) and the hot tubs to keep that summer feeling going.

Entrance at Thermea

Where do I start…the place is absolutely gorgeous, and so well maintained.  When we walked in we definitely did not feel like we were in Winnipeg, if I didn’t know better and you told me I was somewhere in Europe I would have believed you.   I don’t have a ton of photos, because there is a no camera/phone rule (which I LOVE), but I did manage to snap a few with permission to show you guys what you’re in for.  If you want to see it in it’s true beauty though, check out the photos gallery on the website, it’s incredible.

The idea is to take your body and mind through a thermal cycle: heat, cold, rest. There are 4 saunas, two dry saunas and 2 vapour saunas (think steam bath), one of which includes an Aufguss ritual, based on an ancient Finnish practice. The ritual heightens the effects of the traditional vapourization technique by using water enriched with natural essential oils.  It is poured over the heated stones, and a burst of vapour is released to offer health enhancement properties. There are 3 pools, one temperate at 25C, a hot tub at 39C and for those of you brave enough, one at 15C – I definitely recommend trying them all, don’t shy away from the coldest one, it is part of the hot and cold therapy cycle which releases adrenaline and stimulates the immune system. It’s also incredibly refreshing and adds to your relaxation.

Cold pools at Thermëa

Clint enjoying the cold pool

Clint and I at Thermëa

Once you’re ready for the rest and relaxation part of your cycle, you can rest in 5 different areas.  There is the Fläm, built using round wood you can curl up all season and read a book.  There is the Relaxation Chalet, where you can grab yourself a hot cup of tea and sit on the heated benches or go around the corner and take a nap on the warm stone beds.

Rest area at Thermëa

Rest area at Thermëa

Rest area at Thermëa

Me in the rest area at Thermëa

There is Hedonïa – the forest beach, a summer retreat where you can chat with friends, soak up the sun or relax in a hammock, but in fall and winter you can sit by the fire pits or take a nap in the heated hammocks. And last but not least the hot tub. Facing the restaurant and new lounge it is a perfect way to relax and let time stand still on a winter evening.

And the best part…once you’re done, or my personal way of doing things  – after 3 thermal cycles, hit up the restaurant for an incredible meal, a glass of wine or a cup of tea, whatever your preference (mine is wine).  Because guys, you get to have breakfast, lunch or dinner in your robe, yes in your robe.  I’m telling you it’s heaven.  You will be instantly transformed to feeling like you’re on vacation.




And if this all wasn’t enough, there is more!

You can also book a massage and/or one of their other amazing body treatments and facials.  You can check out the website for which one would sit your fancy.  And lets be honest – now is the perfect time MOMS. September is one of those stressful months, getting the kids into a back to school routine again…so treat yourself, you won’t regret it.

If you still need a little push, I think I got you covered!  We enjoyed our experience so much that I have purchased a gift certificate for a thermal experience for two.  I will be giving it away over Instagram.  So head to my account My Sweet Mess for your chance to win a thermal package for two and two of these gorgeous tote bags.


Till the next post,

Kristen xo


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