About me & my sweet mess

Welcome to my sweet mess, a place where I’ll unload my chaotic creativity (among other things).  Chaotic makes it sound a little messy (and it is), but messy can be pretty great. I’ve always had my heart, my head, and my hands in many endeavors.  My constant curiosity has me generating ideas on the regular; I’m an entrepreneur at heart.  Sometimes I feel like the inside of my brain looks like a million spider webs all woven together.

So, I’ve finally settled on this site; a place for me to share all the crazy things in my infectious mind with all of you.

Food is my jam. I was blessed with an extraordinary palate.  I have worked in food and beverage since I was a teenager, and for six years, owned a boutique catering company  in Calgary, so I know a thing or two about food (and entertaining).  I am a self-taught professional-level home cook; I develop my own recipes and yeah, basically I’m in the kitchen all the time.

I also love getting my hands dirty and expanding my creative scope.  I paint (mostly abstract acrylics), I take photos (like, all the time).  I make jewelry that I sometimes sell, and I try to make home decor pieces (they don’t always work).

Road trips are the best, and so is camping.  I’m a  traveller at heart and would be happy living on the go.  I love feeling lost in a strange place, it makes me feel grounded somehow.  I sing at the top of my lungs when no one is around, and I sort of secretly love 80s movies (something I have in common with my love). I ride my bike a lot, hike, and wake surf when I can (definitely not enough), and my happy place is sitting by my fireplace with a home-cooked meal and my boyfriend.

And you know what else is my jam? Business. I have an intuitive business mind, an inherent coaching nature, and I’m an advocate of life-long learning. It took me a while to get here, but I can genuinely see an opportunity for growth in every experience; and that’s a really exciting place to be.

I’ve thought about creating this site for some time now. But for a few years, I let fear get the better of me.  All those perfectly curated blog posts and Instagram accounts, yeah I really couldn’t figure out for the life of me how I could compete and actually get my site out there into the world.

You see, I’m not a perfectly put together person, so my blog posts aren’t perfectly timed, my life isn’t perfectly styled, and My Instagram posts aren’t either.  My content won’t be served in that perfect shade of white with a dash of colour. In fact you’ll probably see very little of that perfect shade of white, because white gets dirty, and I don’t want to clean more than I have to.

So, although this site might not be aesthetically perfect and pleasing, you will get some honest-to-goodness, real-life shit.  I’m not much for fake pleasantries; I’m more of a straight shooter.  So if that works for you let’s have a little fun!

Kristen xo

P.S. a little disclaimer – I swear in real life, a lot; so I’m probably going to swear here too.  I apologize in advance if that offends you, but if it does – this probably isn’t the site for you.